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KOHI 2023 Poster Calendar Available

Now….$3.00 per copy...send order to:

kohi.radio@gmail.com—minimum order

20. price does not include shipping.


Want your business on the 2024 Poster?

Call or email KOHI Today:

503-397-1600  /kohi.radio@gmail.com


Building with sign logo              $350

Floating Balloon or Graphic     $550

(all orders include 50 30sec ads on KOHI)


We accept VISA or Mastercard


2024 Deadline is May 2023

Distribution: 10,000+


Finished size is 18X22 inches

Listen for the Taheebo Tea Club Show  Tuesday’s from 2p-3p  on KOHI and follow this link: taheeboteaclub.com